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Unique Perspective on C++

Posted by kasun04 on June 21, 2009

Its not worthy to write a blog post on the impacts of the Software Development on economy, society and life style. Its one of the major driving forces in the modern world. When it comes to software development, the programming languages has an immense impact on software engineering. As an incontestably candidate of programming languages, I would like to talk about C++ a bit.


Well, the most common questions arises at this particular point are, “Why C++ ?”, “Isn’t it dying ?”.

Yes.. C++ is not used in the same frequency as Java or C#. But, its not dying, its not obsolete.. In fact it’s the heart of modern software development process.

‘Choosing the right tool’ is so important in the Software Development process. So in that context, C++ is a tool; a ‘complicate tool’. And it’s a tool that is difficult to learn, how to use properly.

The complexity of C++ has encouraged most software developers to go for alternatives like Java, C# etc. Then again, the complexity is a consequence of its programming power and the performance.

C++ -Complexity

The uniqueness of a proficient C++ programmers can be observed in many distinct ways

  • For a proficient C++ programmer, it’s essential to have a solid understanding of, What compiler does, what linker does, what run time system does and what OS does.
  • Memory Management. No garbage collection, so the developer needs to taken care of memory allocation and de-allocation. (‘pointers’ is always a nightmare to a C++ developer 😦 )
  • OS level Concurrency. No pseudo processes or threads (like threads provided by run time systems). Should use processes and threads directly provided by the operating system.
  • Generic Programming. (Templates)
  • Interfacing with hardware. (C++ is the best programming language to communicate with hardware)
  • Generic Programming. (Templates)

Why C++ ?

Nowadays, selecting C++ for the development of the conventional software system is simply a waste of time and money. We don’t need C++ to develop a traditional business management software system or a web application.

The famous programming languages like Java or C#.Net are often humiliated by some of the requirements of the software system. These applications are often termed “Demanding Applications”.

Demanding Applications

Performance is a major and a crucial requirement of a demanding application. Also, robustness, responsiveness and fault tolerance is also critical in the context of demanding systems. If you still confused about the demanding applications or systems, just now you are working on one of the most complicated demanding system. It’s the operating system. Linux or Windows; both use C/C++. The role that played by C++ in the modern era of Computer Science is obvious when we consider the most common demanding systems .

  • Operating Systems – Windows, Mac and Linux is mostly (if not totally) developed using C/C++.
  • Embedded SystemsEvery embedded system is a real mess of constrained resources and unlimited requirements. So, to maximize the throughput and minimize the resource consumption, C++ immerges as the best development methodology. In fact, embedded systems is the next era of C++ development.
  • Hardware Drivers – Almost all the hardware drivers are implemented by C++
  • ”The’ most popular windows application. – Well, everybody knows about it. It’s modern success story of Microsoft. Yes.. Its “Microsoft Office suit”. Each and every module of MS-Office is developed using C++.
  • Search Engine CoreGoogle Search Engines is a best example of a demanding system. The performance is the most crucial factor of a search engine. Therefore C++ is the consentaneous candidate to develop the core (or heart) of a search engine.
  • Trading Systems – Again this is for the sake of performance and handling the immense amount of load. C++ is a must.
  • Real Time Systems – This also a well known case where C++ is mandatory.

So, this is the showstopper for the jerks who claimed that ‘C++ is dying..its obsolete’ . (inspired from a interview with C++ genius, Scott Meyers)


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