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True Colors of Patriotism

Posted by kasun04 on June 3, 2009

Last few weeks or so, the whole Colombo city was covered with Sri Lankan national flag. Sri Lankans are still celebrating not the victory over LTTE but the true independence. As well as enjoying the independence I also enchanted with the beauty of our national flag. To me.. It’s the most beautiful flag in the world (I even heard some Cricket commentators claim that it’s a very colorful flag.). Now we can hoist our national flag with the pride of being able to wipe out the terrorism from our country. It almost took three decades to bring the true independence to the island nation. And we should keep in mind that, the independence that we achieved is formed with the blood and tears of our true patriots. The unanimous credit should goes to HE the president, Armed forces and to the whole Sri Lankan community which is the sheer power behind everything.

However, there are so many people who acts as co-possessor of Victory and Independence of Sri Lanka. Patriotism is suddenly in vogue. Its everywhere.. Nowadays in SL anybody that you meet in a street is a ‘lion hearted patriot’.. anybody who migrated to US or Europe is a ‘true nationalist’ .. There are some people whose ‘patriotism’ is often ignited by alcohols… It’s a dilemma that how a man who migrated to some other country can boast about the sovereignty and the independency of his motherland. All these ‘Non-returning Sri Lankans are the genuine illustrations of ‘Pseudo Patriotism’.


Defeating Terrorism in Sri Lanka is a sacred and a precious thing for all its citizens. As we enjoy the independency we should salute and show our gratitude to its contributor; armed forces, the president, families of all the armed forces, government, local and international community (India, Pakistan, China and Russia in particular). (But not those bloody ‘pseudo patriots’)

Finally, the courage and the dauntlessness of our heroes cannot be explain through a couple of sentences.. But this is a nice poem(translation) written during the Indian revolution around 1940′ when they fight against the British governors.

This day, we walk along with death, and laugh at its pale spectre..

We will not fear those cruel swords, our courage is far sharper..

Mistake not our silence for submission. For beneath lies lava, molten..

O Martyre, O men of valour.. One day the enemy will sing your praises…

We will show our mettle .. When the moment of truth arrives….

For courage lives in deeds, not boastful lies.

We’ve gathered in the enemy’s lair, my friend

In the hope of dying for our motherland…

We will not fear those cruel swords, our courage is far sharper.

This day, we walk along with death and laugh at its pale spectre…..


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