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Google – Business, Ethics and Life

Posted by kasun04 on April 15, 2009

‘Google’ – One of the innovative and revolutionary concept which was blossomed in early ’96, as a research project of Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google’s President incharge of Technology). Google only consume a spam of 13 years to climb to the peek of internet search technology and now, its in a state which is almost untouchable and unreachable to the competitors.


I recently watch a nice interview with Sergey Brin and its really awesome as it reveals some of interesting  facts about Google, it’s challenges and  Sergey him self.

Google manufactures Nothing!


Yeah… it manufactures nothing but produce an IDEA. The idea or the mission is,
‘Accumulate all the world’s information and make it accessible and useful to everyone’. This sounds like an non-commercial or non-profitable but we should keep in mind that there is a underlying business process which may based on several revenue sources. In general, “Search Engines” use one or more of the following revenue sources.

– Charge advertisers for presenting online “banner” ads to users
– Collect marketing data on consumer habits, then selling the data or using it for targeted advertising.
– Charging websites to become listed
– Charging websites for better placement in lists
– Charging websites to purchase keywords for themselves
– Charging users for searches
– Charging other search engines to use their catalog

Google’s mission is to critical as having the correct information that you need  and accessible anytime that you want is very important to each and every aspect of the human life.

Google is a  gigantic “Jewish” company?

Both founders of Google, Sergey and Larry are Jewish. Its first employee was Jewish and many of the seniors were Jewish too. So definitely, Google has some Jewish characteristic  in its business process. In this case, Google’s main opponent, Microsoft was also  founded by a Jewish person.

larry-page-sergey-brinLarry Page and Sergey Brin (both are Jewish)

Unbiased Search Results!

Google doesn’t to any moderation or alteration to the search results (‘search hits’), which means Google provides results based on the query that the user executed. For example, I google for “Internet Browser” and the result set contains the ranked hits in this order.  – Opera, Firefox, Safari, IE7 and finally Chrome. This shows the integrity of search engine. Google supposed to provides users with the information they required and the presentation of the result set is not modified by the Search Engine as it uses an unbiased scheme in ‘Query and Result Processing’.

Google- Privacy  and Identity


When it comes to internet search, Google track all the activities that you did using Google. (may be based on your IP or if you use gmail while searchine. And also even if you use dynamic IP, it gives some identity of  your country, region etc.). Google knows what your interest and may be there the things that you don’t want to reveal to anybody. So, its clear that there is some conflict here.  And the most important thing here is that, the commercial value (or may military) of the information kept with Google. It can be used as a global business survey where you can identify the potential clients of a given product and the geological distribution of the community.

In this particular interview, Sergey Brin was questioned  about this issue but his response was that there were no any cases of exposing of users search history. Yet he didn’t reject that fact that the amount of user information (and to which extent)  is kept  with Google

Google Earth ‘s impact on military and security activities

When we use Google Earth for the first time, it’s not a surprise that the impact of Google Earth on military activities comes to our mind.


But according to Sergey, most of the high ranking  security agencies are claimed that there is no impact of Google Earth on military and security activities.

Google – No 1 Place to work and 20% of working time is yours!



Google is considered to be the best place to work with numerous facilities and  good exposure to almost every technology. Apart from that, the employees are supposed to spend 20% of their working time on some personal work(technical stuff). The products like “Orkut”(social network) and “Google News” are the outcomes of this nice policy. I guess this is really a cool thing. Every company should think about giving there engineers a free time where they can work on their own projects etc. (Of course this allocated 20% time is not supposed be wasted on facebook or similar stuff :D)

Finally… Is Sergy Brin   a happy person

He claimed that he is a happy person and also comment on the fact that most of the business professionals at his level ‘Are NOT’.


Sergey Brin and Anne Wojcicki

You can watch the complete interview of Sergey Brin here.


3 Responses to “Google – Business, Ethics and Life”

  1. Lance Bricco said

    Hope things are going well

  2. constructionman said

    Bill Gates in not Jewish. Unless you’re referring to Steve Ballmer…

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