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The Romantic Opera – Kasun Kalhara

Posted by kasun04 on February 21, 2009


Nowadays Sri Lankan music stream is flooded with a lot RnB and Hiphop music and many people merely want to listen to such styles of music. And all the radio stations are backing such music and ruining the natural music taste of Sri Lankans. All those commercial oriented artists tend to release their 5-6 tracks per a month. This is something simply related to the quantity and they simply want to create a music track using computers and other equipments. Once they create the track there are people who can write some strange words to tally with the track and the beat. Finally they’ll come up with a music video and all the TV stations eagerly waiting to play their music video.This is the story of Iraj, BnS, .. (you name it)

But .. They have forgotten the fact that there are some (I think its few :() people in Sri Lanka who still loves the instinctive slow music (mood songs) which is a blend of soothing voices and acoustic music.


Kasun Kalhara is one of the exceptions thrown from the Sri Lankan modern music stream. As I see he is the best production by Dr. Premasiri Kemadasaa (Kemadasa master) and doubtless selection of the best voice in the modern generation. Not only his voice but he is a composer too.. But not a synthetic composer who solitary depends on Computer and keyboard.

‘The Romantic Opera’ is his latest album and in my opinion it is the best music release of him. The titled rack, ‘The Romantic Opera’ is inspired from Opera style music.

Opera is an art form in which singers and musicians perform a dramatic work (called an opera) which combines a text (called a libretto) and a musical score -wikipedia

And this album is a combination of a set of distinct music tracks. It has some ‘Latin’ music, some of ‘Chinese or Japanese’ music, some of ‘Indian’ music and a lot of ‘Western’ and ‘Sri Lankan’ music. Most of the songs are composed using acoustic music and very less number of music instruments were used.

You’ll not able to listen to this sort of music when you switch on the radio or TV.. You’ll never hear any of these songs when you are travelling on a bus… Soo… you need to find/buy it and listen to it… because that’s the way that most true Sri Lankan music lovers used to do…


‘The Romantic Opera’ is a must listen music album of true Sri Lankan music fan.. Believe me .. It awesome.

We always call that the ‘music’ is an universal thing… yes it is.. That’s why we love A.R Rahman’s … that’s why we love Josh Groban.. and that why we should love Kasun Kalhara.


19 Responses to “The Romantic Opera – Kasun Kalhara”

  1. Akila Mike Subasinghe said

    I am simply Blown away by this Album. He has truly got Lot from Late Premasiri Kemadasa…and I just love his Variety of voice and Powerful music.

    Its a Pity that the SL radio channel’s don’t play these songs often. But given the education qualifications and Language use of presenters in Radio Channels these days, I would say that we can’t expect anything better from them.

    I would say, “PITTY ON THEM”…This is an Extraordinary collection of Music, and if you haven’t heard this, then you have heard nothing at all….Its that Good!

  2. kasun04 said

    certainly… Its not just the imbecility of the presenters, dj etc… but the society. They are playing a lot of RnB and 6/8 junk because thats the taste of most of the people.

    As politicians reflects the society.. the musicians also reflects society too 🙂

  3. Haritha Nimnaya, Radical Premaya, Romantic Opera……..
    Somebody can think these albums as typical song albums in Sri Lanka. But i can say that those are not only albums. It is some kind of interpretation of several experiments. In other words those are experimental creations.
    We cannot see much of this kind, Because everyone can’t do this. Actually Amaradewa, Victor Rathnayaka, Nanda malini, and some other senior musicians have done it. But it is so hard to find a such musician in present generation.
    Kasun Kalhara is the king of this generation. It is obvious. He is so talented and so intelligent. I’m not gonna talk about new generation much, but not all.
    When i speak about the ‘Romantic Opera’ it is the best album of Kasun’s so far. Thats for sure. It includes different kinds of mood songs and it is not a easy target for any musician.
    Thats’s why Kasun is special.
    Romantic Opera & Erambumamma Kandulak wela is my favourite songs of this album.

  4. Akila Mike Subasinghe said

    Couldn’t agree with you more Tharindu…They all were Experiments and this Guy is Better by the Second…Romantic Opera is 10 Times or even more better than Radical Premaya…as All Songs in this are different..for different Moods and Styles. I showed his music to a Canadian Student and he was just amazed by kasun’s Music…He said that he has a Lot of Respect for his Music (though he understands no Sinhalese)…Kasun’s Music is UNIVERSAL.

    Almost all the other Junkies these days (who call themselves as Artists, who are probably deported from Australia), Try to fill in words into the same beat with odd sounds…

    My Favorite Songs are :

    Sanda Ona
    Ra Ahasin
    Adare Sithum
    Arambumama Kandulak
    Romantic Opera ….. (see…I almost wrote the whole album..:D)

  5. kasun04 said

    Its glad to hear that even Canadians love Kasun’s music 🙂 .. As I heard Kasun Kalhara’s music style is pretty much similar to the music composed and sung during the Romantic Period in western music in 18th century. The musicians were very much concentrated on expressing their feelings and moods without any limitations or boundaries. In Kasun’s case, The Romantic Opera songs is influenced from such style of music.. according to Chaaminda Rathnasuriya (who wrote this song) this is an effort to introduce “romanticism” to Sri Lankan music. (I hope to explain about ‘Romanticism in Music’ from a separate post )
    However.. I felt that music of some of the songs in the album were not up to their potential quality.. I’ve listened to the acoustic versions of ‘Arabumama Kadulak’ and ‘Rae Ahasin’… they are far better than the versions in the album.
    It’s a pleasure that this sort of discussion taken place on this blog. 🙂

  6. Actually i’m pretty much interested in western music, therefore i’ve learnt a litlle. As far as i concerned about the periods of musics i thing ROMANTIC period is much sensetive than others. I have seen that particular characteristic in ‘Romantic Opera’ too. That’s why i call Kasun as a genius. He should be the pioneer of new generation.

    Does anybody know the real story of song ‘Arambumama landulak wela’???? Seems it has written to his mother. But there is a little confusion in beginning of the second verse.

    Let me tell something about the acoustic versions of the album versions. I think the acoustic version of ‘Arambumama Kadulak’ contains a different kind of taste. Nalaka anjana kumara, the composer of this song is a top class guitarist in Sri Lanka. so we have nothing to talk about the acoutic version since we know the guitarist is Nalaka !!

    I love ‘Romantic Opera’ !!! – The best mood song collection ever !!!

  7. Eranga Malshan said

    “Romantic Opera” is the best album i’ve ever heard, Best music as well as the vocals. so impress from that. I like voice balancing and it has nice variation. this music can touch my soul.listn this songs in a calm n quite place, better if you have a “joint”.then you can hear lot of sensitive things that in these songs. I’m crazy for that.please my dear Kasun keep doing this. we are waiting for these kind of things…. gud luck.

  8. kasun04 said

    This album contains some top quality mood songs and they are backed by not just the vocal and music, but also the lyrics. Songs like ‘Rae Ahasin’, ‘Romantic Opera’, ‘Arabumama Kadulak Velaa’ contains some exceptionally well written lyrics. I really don’t know about the story behind the ‘Arabumama Kadulak’.. anyway its a bit old song of Kasun.
    By releasing this album, Kasun Kalhara has introduced some young endowments of musicians and lyrists like Romaine Mendis, Chaaminda Rathanasooriya, Sanjaya Epa Senevirathna, Eshantha Peris, Achala Solamans, Isuru Kumarasinghe, Nalaka Anjana Kumara, Akila Surein and also Nadeeka.

  9. Rapture_D said

    Haritha Nimnaya….., Radical Premaya……., The Romantic Opera………… kasun’s third album contains different and the bst stuff…

  10. I’m very glad to reply here. Nice to meet such fellows like u guyzzz :). I came across this blog by a link. So, read the posts & thought to reply.

    There is nothing to say about KK – Kasun Kalhara. Talent is not enough. The honesty & wise’ness are required to be a great one. If someone review his journey in SL music industry, he/she can see how he got it. There are no doubts, simply he is the person who leads the music in our time, like Pandith Amaradewa, Victor Rathnayaka & Nanda Malini & so on. In all three albums of him, he has done a lot of experiments. & if we talk about “The Romantic Opera”, yeah it shows up how he has improved his talent. The track called by the album’s title, I wonder is there anyone who could even think of singing that song. In most places of the net, I have seen that people are talkin about “Warna” track. If someone has read “Agganna Sutra” of Buddhism, then he/she might not have doubts about what that song is talking. The lyrics of Warna track are based on the begining of life on Earth as it was discoursed by Lord Buddha in “Agganna Sutra”. If you are curious, then take a look in to that sutra & know what it is about. Then, you guyz will be able to taste this song better. ‘Coz, I have read a Sinhalese translation of that. So, that’s how I got it. I prefer a Sinhalese translation. ‘Coz, you will get a better understanding. 🙂

  11. ranga said

    i believe kasun is the millenium singer. i can not see any musician in this era who atleast reach little where kasun is. Please keep up your all talents kasun. make sure to bulid this society from your creations.

  12. Nirosh said

    His Music genre is not Latin.. of course he has Latin music..but mainly its done by the Classical Rock.. and some of Alternative Hevy Metal..with Indrachapa Liyange…
    dts why ds so legendary .. ts the pure music comes out from the real equipments such Guitar, Grand Piano..etc… and mood set s..those are the basic theory of Rock Music..ts not easy to do and dts why its so great full..any1 who knows how to use computer can do shity hiphop.. but not the real music..t come and go.. but ppl like Kasun.. wil remain forever

    • kasun04 said

      I guess his style is Classical Western+Sri Lankan mix… His music resembles the singers like Josh Groban, Snow Patrol etc
      Guys feel free to visit my new blog…and keep the discussing active…:)

  13. Oscar Damien said

    First I listened to the song Warna. its so beautiful. I never thought that i would find a popular singer who has the taste in real opera. And I am an opera lover. I am a western solo singer. And ma favorite singers are Josh Groban, Luciano Pavarotti, Bocelli. and this time Kasun Kalhara just blew ma mind by his great creation Romantic Opera. Woooooooooow its so damn beautiful. I love Romantic Opera Song, Sanda Oona Song, Warna a lot. There are only a few less people who has the real taste in music. Wish You All The Best Kasun Kalhara.

    • kasun04 said

      ‘ There are only a few less people who has the real taste in music.’ – You are spot on….
      100% true.
      Guys feel free to visit my new blog…and keep the discussing active…:)

  14. MicyoRfy1 said

    Impressive web-site, exactly where did you get the template?

    • kasun04 said

      Thanks dude.. hmmm I don’t remember from where I got this template.. but now I’ve ported this blog to blogger…
      Have a look at my new blog.

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