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Is Gmail chat not working in Opera 9.5… Google has to be blaimed.

Posted by kasun04 on June 22, 2008

Opera 9.5 is one of the greatest and fastest browser yet bit infamous. The main reason to that is the blind addiction to IE and Firefox. Most of the people (even the professionals) think that the firefox is the greatest browser ever. They are even not aware that the Firefox (upto 3.5) is even slower than IE 7.

Opera has proven to be the fastest browser owing to its fastest layout engine (so called rendering engine) Presto.  Gecko redering is extremly slower than Presto, which resulting poor CSS performance in Firefox.

I think this is not the time to compare Firefox and Opera and I hope to do that in some future posts.

I thought of resolving one of the main fitfalls of Opera. That is related to gmail chat where you can’t have a smooth chat as you can do it with Firefox or Safari.

This is NOT a bug of Opera. Simply this is owing to that the Google can’t recognize opera. So, if you want to use gmail in opera you must follow this link. This would give you a wonderful gmail experience with Opera 9.5.


Opera 9.5 .. Best browser on Earth.


5 Responses to “Is Gmail chat not working in Opera 9.5… Google has to be blaimed.”

  1. iguazo said

    thanks man! This solves the problem, great tip!

  2. Thanks dude, nice info

  3. Al said

    Opera 9.5 just does not import mail from Gmail. The link you give us just points to Google’s page. That ain’t no solution for the problem that Opera and Gmail have trouble relating to each other right now.

  4. kasun04 said

    You can use this URL to make google understand that the browser and display the stuff as it is in Firefox.
    But with Opera 9.51 you no need to do this.

  5. Shoaib Jameel said

    Thanks man! It worked on my comp.

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